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Castellinaria 2014 - IMPRESSIONEN

Castellinaria, the International Festival of Young Cinema in Bellinzona is an exceptional event, which invites young people to share the emotions of great themes like love (Amori elementari), friendship (Vielen Dank für Nichts), history (Oorlogsgeheimen- secrets of war) , society (O menino eo mundo - the child and the world), politics (Giraffada) and many others.

Well accompanied during the screenings by their teachers and specialists of cinematography and as official juries of the festival during the meetings after the film screenings, the young people discuss in an differentiated and profound way the cinematic language and film contents that are interesting and concerning them.

The enthusiasm of young people for the collective experience is very evident, especially when they interview directly the attendant directors or actors. It would be desirable to promote this type of meetings more often and in many other places.

In that sense it was a great pleasure to get to know in the environment of the festival also the project "I speak another language, but I understand you" ( The project offers the opportunity to the upper middle classes from different linguistic regions in Switzerland, to learn more about their cultures and languages ​​co-producing a short film.

"Norma" - Short film made by students of Morges and Wil - PUAL 3 / 2013-2014:


Impressions of the Festival after the screening of "Lola auf der Erbse" (Germany, 2014, Thomas Heinemann):