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Information is listed on the subject of film mediation on this page. In addition, for all can be found the notes on content and artful film footage at film festivals and elsewhere (please note ages)., the Association for the Promotion of film literacy, invites for a national conference under the title "film education - A cultural and educational mission!».

The aim of the conference is to think of cultural and educational policy options and measures that give the film literacy and film education throughout the educational work a higher priority, and ultimately enable children and adolescents, to deal in a competent and creative way with the flood of images in their everyday lives.

Long and short for Big and Small

I want! / 48 '

Cinema Orient: Wed, 14:15h, Cinema Trafo 4: Sat, 14:15h  / from 4 years

…and us as well! / 69 '

Cinema Orient: Wed 12:15h, Thurs 16:15h / from 13 years

From large animals and humans / 64 '

Cinema Trafo 5: Thu 16:15h, Fri 14:15, Cinema Trafo 4: Sun 12:15h  / from 7 years

Helveticus / 52 '