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Framing the Other, Völkerkundemuseum Zürich, 3.4.2014,

Film by Ilja Kok and Willem Timmers, 2011, Ethiopia/Netherlands, 25 ', English. Introductory presentation of the filmmakers and subsequent discussion.

The Mursi live in southern Ethiopia in the Omo Valley. In the West they are known primarily through the lip plate and the richly-decorated earrings for women. Every year, hundreds of western tourists make their way to the Omo Valley to view the exotic scenery of the surrounding.
The Posing for the tourists thereby became a main source of income of the Mursi and ultimately led also to a gradual change in their commodification and decorative art.
The film "Framing the Other" confronts the view of women of the Mursi with that of the Dutch tourists and contrasts thereby two perceptions of one and the same phenomenon. In this way, a humorous as well as sobering document results of the meeting of tourism with distant localities.

Date/Time: Thursday, April 3, April 2014, 19:00 to 20:15
Ort: Ethnographic Museum, Pelikanstr. 40, 8001 Zurich
Room: Seminar room, PEA
Organizer: Ethnographic Museum University of Zurich
Series: Film series Thursday Cinema: Ethological issues of the time
Contact: Grazia Cantele