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Noticias y Consejos

Para los padres, maestros y otras personas interesadas, en esta página aparecerán informaciónes acerca del tema fomación a la pelicula (en inglés).
Además, se pueden encontrar indicaciones sobre aportaciones cinematográficas ricas y artísticas de festivales de cine y otros lugares (por favor, tenga en cuenta las edades).


Plenary Session - New world, new literacies
Tuesday, May 27

Plenary Room / 11.00-12.30

Session 1 - Formal Education: New curriculum
Tuesday, May 27

Room / 14.30-16.00

Educational models and best practices concerning the implementation of ML in national curricula.

Session 2 - MIL and Intercultural Dialogue
Tuesday, May 27

Room / 14.30-16.00

Vogtsrain creates cinema

In the Lila Villa at the "Kulturkeller" there is new children's cinema "Lila". It takes place on the last Sunday of the month by 15 clock, except in July, August and December.

Projections with educational support for classes

Dayana Mini Market

Floriane Devigne | 0:54 | 2013 | France

Film by Ilja Kok and Willem Timmers, 2011, Ethiopia/Netherlands, 25 ', English. Introductory presentation of the filmmakers and subsequent discussion.

Competition Program


For the competition of the 38th Swiss Youth Film Festival were logged a total of 280 short films. Of these 47 contribution in the five categories for the main program were selected.

Category A

Productions of young people up to 16 years, which arise from individuals, groups of young people or accompanied by an adult (film initiatives , youth work, schools).

School program

Primary schools

Iranian tale
by Mohammad - Ali Soleymanzadeh , Babak Nazari, Fatemeh Goudarzi , Morteza Ahadi
Iran : 2012 , 2005 , 2012 , 2011
Duration: 46 minutes
Without words
Age: from 4 years
Swiss Premiere

Family Films

Sitting Next to Zoe

Ivana Lalovic | CH | fic 88 '
Swiss German / German / English spoken
German / French subtitled
12 years and over

Friday 24 January 2014, Cinema Reithalle, 17:45 

Monday 27 January 2014, Cinema Konzertsaal, 11:30

Sunshine and downpour (Cooperation The magic lantern & Short Film Festival ), age up to 12 years


ZFF for Children and Adolescents

Believe, David Schein Man , UK , 2013, 96 ", from 6 years

"The film shows that one should believe in themselves. " (Ensar, 8 years)
"I liked the film because it was so exciting and thrilling." (Ensar, 8 years)
"I left the cinema very happy. " (Rayco , 8 years)

Cita - Citaku Setinggi Tanah, Eugene Panji, Indonesia in 2012 , 78 ", from 6 years

Long and short for Big and Small

I want! / 48 '

Cinema Orient: Wed, 14:15h, Cinema Trafo 4: Sat, 14:15h  / from 4 years

…and us as well! / 69 '

Cinema Orient: Wed 12:15h, Thurs 16:15h / from 13 years

From large animals and humans / 64 '

Cinema Trafo 5: Thu 16:15h, Fri 14:15, Cinema Trafo 4: Sun 12:15h  / from 7 years

Helveticus / 52 '